• Megan Adams

Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever

How to use local marketing firms to reach clients and authentically build connections online during the COVID-19 epidemic. Also in this post, we discuss how you can become more involved in your business's marketing using your smart phone.

When Kyle and I started our media production business, Homeplace Creative four years ago, we had one goal in mind: to empower and serve others through impact storytelling. As former journalists and documentarians, we found our passion was connecting to people through sharing stories. We thrived off helping individuals and organizations get to the root of a story and make the impact they dreamed of through powerful connection with audiences. We know it’s a tall order and a big promise, but over those years we’ve helped clients build engaged audiences in social media spaces.

When the news of COVID-19 trickled in, as schools began to close and systems started to shift, we did too. We contacted our clients and immediately filmed videos crafting messages just in case we ended up dealing with a worst case scenario. So when our Governor here in Ohio announced that all non-essential businesses would be closing, we released announcements (like the one below) in minutes, 10 minutes to be exact. We were ready to respond to what was happening in real time and people loved our clients for that. Being present in real time conversations with professional marketing builds trust with audiences. And people who trust you will buy from you, maybe not now but certainly later.

While marketing companies work to serve you as best they can, certain businesses will benefit tremendously from local marketing. Whatever the size of your business, you serve a community. Don’t miss opportunities to be there for them in a time of need. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Right now, we are about six weeks into social distancing and the end of this crisis is uncertain. Try to think beyond the basic graphics you may have been pushing out. Now is the time to get creative to serve your clients and future clients. You’ve got to think of service. Are you a coffee business or a restaurant – maybe you can teach clients how to make that perfect latte or recipe at home with minimal ingredients. Be creative about your revenue streams and think about how you can move online, pivot and serve your audience RIGHT now as BEST as you can. Not every piece of content on social media should be selling something to an audience.

2. But some of you need to go beyond these obvious ways of service that align with your businesses and think about what can you offer your community in this time of need. Maybe it has nothing to do with your products. One of our clients, Dr. Rob Nelson, owner of The Met in Downtown Lima is a therapist, his dissertation topic focused on the science of happiness. So we brought him in on Zoom and discussed strategies for mental health.

3. Learn how to use your smart phone: Because social media is about being genuine and authentic – people connect to PEOPLE, not fancy graphics and disembodied information. It’s not as hard as you think to learn how to shoot decent audio and video on your phone. You can use some of the extra time you may have now to learn about a social media platform and be present! Be vulnerable and honest. People will relate, we’re all in this together. Here’s what one of those products looked like for our client.

4.) Our fourth and most important tip is to get down to your roots. Don't miss the opportunity to remind your clients about WHY you do what do and HOW it's important to the local economy and wider community. Maybe share some insight about what you're doing to putt customers and employees first. Revisit your mission/values statement to remind people about who you are and how your business contributes to the good of the community. Here's an example of what this type of video could look like.

We hope these tips help you as learn to market your business and best serve your clients! As we mentioned before, we are all in this together, and supporting each other is what's most important now more than ever.

If you want our free guide we designed to help clients record video from home, click here! We hope it helps! If you want to provide us some feedback or learn more about what we do, you can find us on social @homeplacecreative.

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