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You need a brand that represents YOU - that educates, enlightens, and inspires audiences to action!

We help you develop a strategic approach to brand management that can include some or all of the following: a research-based communications plan, video-driven content, graphic design, and posting to social media. 

Our approach helps YOU tell the stories that matter to your audience and potential clients by empowering the individuals in your organization to share their stories. This authentic approach to content creation allows people to connect with your mission, vision, and products. It also helps you build something priceless - an engaged community. 

Our storytelling consultants work with you develop a strategic storytelling plan that fits your goals. Together, we'll help decide what level of support you need and what stories you can tell on which platforms to engage your desired audience. 

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what our clients are saying

“"When you have a small business, you probably want a few things (among many):  You want to make a difference in the community and with the people you work with, and you want to generate meaningful and lasting profits to sustain and grow the business and the people who work in the business.  Kyle and Meg have made doing both of those things at The Met easy. They really took the time to get to know us as people.  That is crucial and something that not all marketing companies do over and above basic lip service to mission and goals. For a small business and small business owners, sometimes it's hard to let go of things and you can't always trust those around you to consistently maintain image you want to portray to the public. Kyle and Meg put many of my concerns to bed. Within a very short period I trusted them to continually put us out there in meaningful and appropriate ways. That, in turn, freed me up to grow the business and spend more time with my employees to help them create the best possible experience for customers in our restaurant. I feel free to do other things now that this large and very important responsibility has been given to Kyle and Meg. Their work has been so instrumental to our growth that it has us considering opening additional places downtown Lima.  A good team allows us to consider scaling and expanding. Kyle and Megan gave us everything we could want and I highly recommend using their services." 

— Rob Nelson, PhD, Owner of The Met

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