Sisters in Storytelling is a free online community led by CEO, Meg Adams, PhD. The group serves as a space where women storytellers can come together to encourage one another and grow together. We are passionate about storytelling. We're a community of women who believe in the power of storytelling, that it can impact lives and build strong communities. In the group, you'll find resources, motivation, and encouragement to support your storytelling! To join, click here.

Meg also is now offering one-on-one and group coaching for women who want extra support making their storytelling projects a reality or are ready to start their own media production businesses! Hear more from her clients below and schedule a free clarity call to see if coaching is a good fit for you!


Olivia Wile, Reporter, Spectrum News

Dr. Meg Adams in the most loving, passionate and helpful mentor I promise you will ever have. I’ve known her for close to five years and can wholeheartedly say she’s played a HUGE role in helping me grow as a journalist/storyteller and person. Dr. Meg has experience in tv journalism, so she understands that business and is easy to relate to. She also is the best storyteller I know to this day. Between working on the Hollow Documentary (look it up, seriously) to now owning her own business, Homeplace Creative, she knows how to get to the heart of the story - which is really the only thing people care about. It’s also very important to note that when Dr. Meg has a goal, she has a plan in place to achieve it. From wanting to read 52 books this year, to finishing a triathlon, she WILL do it. She is so good at setting/achieving goals and THAT is someone you want as a mentor. Someone who is going to keep you on track and accountable, just like she does herself. I love her and I know you will, too.

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Joy Brown, Associate Coordinator of Media Relations

When I began writing my memoir, Dr. Adams was an invaluable source of advice, motivation, and inspiration. Although writing is my professional forte and personal passion, this book project was something I’d been struggling to launch for two years because of its technical and emotional complexities. It was difficult and scary! Dr. Adams's expertise and encouragement helped me theoretically work through roadblocks pertaining to purpose, process, focus, and vulnerability. And, she was brilliant at assisting me with specific authorial needs such as chapter outlining and time management. We talked about nitty gritty details like paragraph transitioning and descriptive narration. We laughed, we lamented, and we celebrated the smallest of successes. I think one of her key strengths as a storytelling coach and mentor is her ability to empathetically meet you where you are as a writer and provide spot-on, practical input that will enable you to address your challenges in positive ways so that you can advance and improve. For me, Dr. Adams accomplished two big things: she taught me compelling new skills and she gave me that necessary nudge and encouragement that got me back into my happy, productive writing zone. If you’re seeking to energize or even just kickstart your storytelling adventure, hire her.

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