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Your story is so much more than just one video!

At Homeplace Creative, we are not your typical video production house.  Our focus is on creating impactful content that tells your story through an efficient process that we call "content batching".  This means that in just one session, we can capture and produce enough material to provide you with a variety of content that spans several months!

Content Creation

Video Production




Drone Videography

Copy Writing

Website Design

Message Management

Social Posting

Social Media Engagement

SEO / Analytics

Strategic Communication Planning

Email Marketing

Media Pitches and PR

Website Management and Maintenance


Small Business Marketing Coaching

Learn Video Marketing Online Course

Storytelling Workshops

What We Do

Who We Work With

It's quick, but meaningful and EFFECTIVE!

We work with our clients to come up with messaging & content plans directly correlated to marketing goals.

Once content has been developed, we help you manage it to maximize it's IMPACT!

Your message is the heart of your business and we help you communicate and manage this message to attract ideal clients.

Each one of our shoots is candid, seamless, and packed with VALUE!

We aim for authenticity. No intimidating scripts, big lights, and a ton of equipment. We create media that’s meaningful by drawing out the stories that get to the heart of your mission.

You OWN all your content

We create an archive of everything we capture and create for you!

How Does it Work?

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