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Homeplace Creative - Content Management

After we’ve edited your videos, we’ll work with you to strategically deliver content across channels so that your message reaches your audience at the right time. 


Stop spinning your wheels and creating content just for the sake of it. When you work with us, we’ll customize a sustainable plan to share the content we’ve created for you.


We can even completely handle management of your online channels!

Dr. Meg Adams - Homeplace Creative CEO

What is Content Batching?

Content Batching is a productivity and planning technique that leads to a more efficient way of creating content for you and your business.  We use this approach to video production to produce multiple, high quality, impactful video stories from each film shoot.

Types of Videos

Homeplace Creative - Engagement Funnel

What are the Benefits of a Consistent Video Presence?

The use of video for marketing communications is ideal for reaching audiences as it engages people on a more emotional level and allows for all modes of communication to be invoked.  Consistently providing a diverse video presence across social media and other digital platforms moves potential customers through, what we call, the engagement funnel and converts them into a lifelong, loyal clients.

The Engagement Funnel

Founder Stories

Product Stories

Client Testimonials

Employee Spotlights

Engagement / Fun Videos

Brand Spotlights

Educational Videos

How-To Videos

Behind the Scenes Videos

Traditional Television Commercials

Motivational Videos

Event Spotlights

Location Spotlight / Tour Videos

Training Videos

Homeplace Creative - Marketing Planning and Strategy

Before each film shoot we’ll meet with you and your team to discuss marketing goals and come up with ideas for content. Together, we’ll develop a plan for our film shoot so we collect multiple videos you can use to show up consistently and effectively online or through traditional outlets like television and radio.

Here's How it Works

A typical film shoot with us lasts 2-3 hours. But our film shoots are a little different than what you might imagine, we aim to capture the authentic, genuine moments of your business. We accomplish this goal with a unique style geared towards putting you at ease.

Our style in video storytelling comes from a filmmaking approach called cinema verite which aims to capture the realistic interactions and atmosphere of your business. We’ve found this approach helps clients create brand awareness and loyalty.

Homeplace Creative - Video and Content Production

We believe you should have access to the content we create together. That’s why we provide all unedited and extra material we capture to our clients free of charge. When you work with us your investment goes far, because you can use this material for years to come!

Homeplace Creative - Client Content Archive
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